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Welcome to the Akashic Records! These are the archives of your soul and every thought, every word and every deed your soul has ever experienced. By accessing your Records I can help you discover why you are here, what you came to learn and how to move past all of your fears and worries into freedom and joy.


Your angels are standing by in happy anticipation just waiting for the chance to answer your questions! With the help of Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards I receive answers that address your needs.  Through an Angel Card Reading you will receive specific, accurate and blessed answers that will lift you up and make you feel loved.



Amplify your intuition and connect with Spiritual knowledge and healing. I am here to teach you how to develop a strong connection with your Angels, Spirit Guides, Akashic Records and Ascended Masters. I look forward to supporting your journey to becoming spiritually independent and remembering who you really are.