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My first reading with Carol was an examination of my Akashic Records (which included looking into my past lives).  I had not disclosed my illness to her, and yet, right off the bat, she detected my suffering.  I have been afflicted with a life-changing disease for the last four years, have been through countless physical therapy sessions, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, cold-hot compresses, and virtually every kind of medical treatment imaginable;  the doctors have given up even though my pain persists.  My interpretation of the reading revealed that in order to fix myself I need to put a face to my demons and learn how act and think.

Some time later, I received an Angel Reading that helped me align my prayers and better visualize my wellness (and other intended goals).  It was inexpressibly helpful to be told both my Angels’ names and their purpose in my life.  I now think about them constantly during my day, even look for them, as I struggle to make sense of how my moment-to-moment experiences contribute to my life.

I look forward to receiving a second Akashic Records reading to better address the burdens I still carry, despite their negative affects.

Truly, Carol is both blessed and gifted!  Without the slightest reservation, I recommend her to anyone searching for a deeper and fuller meaning to this life.

Stephanie Atwell

She is 100% the real deal. In one word amazing.

Ashley Kabakaba

My experience in the Akashic Records practitioner class was incredible — I signed up for this class to complement the work I do with clients in my practice, but I have found it to be a wonderfully useful tool and resource for myself on a personal level. Not having any former training in channeling or listening to my own psychic intuition, I wasn’t sure if reading the Akashic Records was going to be my “gift.” However, I was immediately comfortable in the class because of Carol’s enthusiasm and encouragement, and she gave us ample opportunities to practice and ask any questions. Her open, personable teaching style made the class fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her series of classes, whether you want to learn for your own healing and insight or for helping others along their path.

Jessie S.

“Are you ready to intimately understand yourself?  Your true self?

Your SOUL self?

Nothing is of deeper satisfaction than knowingly and positively being on your spiritual path and carrying out your life’s purpose.

With Carol’s skilled perspective and ability to communicate, the connection of deep understanding is within reality!  Carol innately embraces the ethereal, translating with power and purpose, using the perfect ‘recipe’, delivering for your individual palate.  Struggling through challenges is a shared aspect of life.

With Carol’s wisdom and guidance your transitions through spiritual growth are instantly at ease.”

Jessi Rober

“Carol, I wanted to let you know what our sessions have meant to me.

I have spent years in traditional therapy and an untold amount of money, only to walk away frustrated by the emptiness I felt from the “textbook” process.

You have helped open my mind and heart to this newly awakened soul of mine and given my the tools and confidence to own my own happiness and future.

You are a gift.”

Becky Keenan

“Carol was able to help me unwind decades of a volatile relationship with my sister.  Her ability to explain the situation helped me to better understand the purpose and soul history of the relationship.  Not only did she educate me but also gave me tactical tools and exercises to strengthen my abilities.  I had the BEST day of interaction with my sister on the MOST stressful day of planning the details of our father’s funeral service.  There is no way I would have gotten through that day without Carol’s insight and guidance.  It not only saved the day but pivoted my entire future relationship with my sister in a positive, constructive way for me.  I feel peaceful and calm in a way that I have never experienced in dealing with my sister.  Carol is the one you want at your side for guidance, knowledge, and support as you journey through your Akashic Records.”


“Carol’s class on learning to read the Akashic Records this past weekend was extremely informative, educational, thought provoking and fun. The perfect people attended and the interactions were excellent.

Carol is an informed instructor with a good personality, lots of wisdom and experience, and it is obvious that she loves teaching and working with the Akashic Records. The class was paced appropriately; taught in a convenient location; provided opportunities for questions, which were impressively answered; provided good practice exercises; helpful meditations that the students can continue to use; and this all occurred in a genuine atmosphere of love.

I am grateful to have participated and look forward to practicing my new skills.”

Connie Baldwin
Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Angel Card Reader
Metaphysical Minister

“Carol is a powerful, connected, intelligent and perceptive healer.  I have sought her help with deep issues in both my personal and professional life and Carol consistently provided top notch, excellent guidance and direction.  I know I can discuss any concern with her and have her immediate undivided attention and professional support.  I have used each of her services and after each session I feel accepted, understood, encouraged, and energized.  I continue to be amazed by how true and powerful all of her incredible insights are, weeks, months and even years later.  She has calmed my fears, eased my way, and lightened my burdens.  I am a stronger and more confident person, and I embrace life feeling validated and understood.  I give her name to everyone I know. Thank you Carol!”

– Jonelle Davis


I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful and amazing experiences you’ve provided to me.  Every time we talk, the entire session is filled with accurate and detailed insight into my life and path.  Your incredible ability/gift in presenting me with information and guidance from the Akashic Records, to the healing from emotional clearing you’ve provided, to your application of astrology and numerology have helped me grow in an amazing number of ways.  Your ability to provide this information in a fashion that I’m completely comfortable and understanding of furthers the impact of the extraordinary information you provide to me.

Also, I want to let you know how easy it is to talk and work with you over the phone.  I’m not overly comfortable with phone conversations, but your voice and demeanor really put me at ease no matter the topic we discuss.  I would also like to compliment you on how well you are able to summarize all the information collected during the session and then close the discussion with guidance and clarity of the next steps I’m to take.

You are a truly gifted person and I really appreciate the time and discussions we’ve had together.

Thank you again”

– Mark Thomas

“My Akashic Record reading experience with Carol was one of the best. She was able to put every struggle and challenge into perspective and my whole life made sense. I gained insight into years of pain and unanswered questions which gave me direction on how to move forward in a positive light. I feel refreshed, lighter and ready to take on whatever lies ahead.”
– Helen Vonderheide

“Carol gave me an excellent reading. It’s challenging to put into words the depth and multi-faceted perspective she offered, helping to bring clarity to a particularly important issue. Her ability to accurately translate into words what would make the most sense to me and have the greatest positive impact is tremendous. Carol’s compassion and acceptance were incredible gifts, allowing me to take full responsibility for my life experience without any trace of judgement. I recommend her to anyone who seeks a larger story, connecting what they are living with who they really are at a soul level, and how to better reconcile the two. Thank you so much Carol. I appreciate your work more than I can express.”
~ Amy Tanner

“Doing a Reading with Carol has been one of the most uplifting and loving experiences ever. With her help, I was able to recognize the issues I was going through from a completely different perspective. She kindly and gracefully addressed all my questions, providing me with insights and solutions so I could start my healing process. Her generous, empathic, intuitive and yet sharp approach encouraged me to go in the right direction – the one of fulfillment and happiness. I highly recommend her work!”

Ana Sequeira, Numerologist, Portugal

“Carol offered a wonderful Akashic Reading ~ insightful and infused with stunning accuracy and detail.  She navigated the Records with ease and grace, and was able to answer all of the souls inquiries with the greatest of love.  She is truly gifted reader and I can only hope you will allow her the chance to support you on your inner journey.”
~Chrystie Eileen

“I was referred to Carol by a mutual friend when some unexplained events happened in my life.  Carol was able to give me guidance and direction about my life, and events that were taking place.  She helped me to make sense of what was happening and affirming the direction I was going spiritually was the path I needed to be on.  There are times in your life you begin to second doubt yourself and Carol was able to help me thru that and feel grounded.  She is an amazingly gifted person who I have felt blessed to meet.

Thank you again Carol for everything.”

Scheri Biehler

“On my path to spiritual independence I didn’t want to tap into non-physical entities such as benevolent guides, angels, etc. because I wanted to avoid creating any type of crutch relationships or feelings that a ‘middle man” was necessary for my spiritual advancement. After experiencing first hand Carol’s spiritual gifts, something my mother has always said to me came to my awareness as I was opening to understanding non-physical assistance from a higher perspective. The statement, “You cannot live in this world alone” has always resonated with me.  What I have come to realize is we all have talents, skills, and abilities that we share genuinely with others through service work such as healing, teaching, and way showing. These talents, skills, and abilities are all extensions of Source energy. To disallow this assistance would be to disallow God or Source energy which, in essence, would be a form of self-rejection; rejecting my own abundance of resources.

I want to thank Carol for the gift of this clarity and comfort as she is a beacon for others on their pathway. Her Akashic Records readings and ability to relay messages from my Spirit team have enhanced my life beyond measure. Her wisdom and combined intuitive abilities have given me the courage to ground in my own and embrace my own truths.”
– Belishi Roberts