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My journey to becoming an Intuitive and a Spiritual Teacher began quietly.

I don’t have any stories of a clairvoyant grandmother that brought me up in the intuitive ways or occurrences of seeing ghosts at the foot of my bed.  Although I came into this life with my clairsentience turned way up, neither I, nor my family understood this so I learned early on to ignore what I was feeling as a way to cope.

I was plagued with the ability to feel everything with no tools to work with those feelings.

I frequently took other people’s feelings personally and when they were angry, sad or depressed wondered what I had done to make them that way. 

I remember a lot of pain and feelings of isolation throughout my young years.

I spent the first half of my life in a relatively traditional and conventional way.  I was raised Roman Catholic, attended public school and often prayed to God for help and guidance.  After attending college, I worked at Bank of America for a few years, joined the Junior League and got married at the age of 23.  While I was a stay-at-home mom for 20 years, I volunteered, and was a Girl Scout leader for both of my daughters.

In 2009, at the age of 44, I began to wake up suddenly.  Overnight I became aware that I was profoundly emotionally and spiritually drained.

I cried for no reason and questioned everything. 

It became clear that something profound and undeniable was missing from my life.

As an avid reader and lifelong student of astrology and psychic phenomenon, I decided to turn to books about spirituality and to Tarot Cards.  One day, I found a book that led me to my first intuitive teacher who informed me that I was put here on earth to be an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach.  My first nanosecond reaction was Huh? But in an instant my whole life fell into place!

Since then I have found three more teachers and learned several healing modalities that I am passionate about.

I have gained a bounty of spiritual knowledge, deepened all of my innate intuitive  “clair” abilities and developed a beautiful, strong connection with my Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Angels and Spirit Guides.

I am reminded everyday that I am here to work with the Angels and the Ascended Masters to help people remember who they are with all their fabulous talents, skills, and abilities, and to help them connect with the unconditional love and self-acceptance that is already inside of them.

I am here to provide insight and guidance through intuitive readings and I am here to teach my clients how to become spiritually independent.   I absolutely love to help people to see the magnificence and beauty of their own souls and help them to lead lives of abundance, joy and unconditional love.



Certified Intuitive Coach

Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator

Certified Advanced Angel Oracle & Tarot Card Reader

Certified Advanced Akashic Records Reader

Certified Advanced Akashic Records Teacher


B.S. in Business Management and Marketing – Cornell University


My daughter, Madison, is a channel, spiritual mentor and yoga teacher in Charlotte,NC.

My daughter, Katie, is at my alma mater Cornell studying Psychology.


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